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Need some help getting your software downloaded? If you are having trouble downloading, are not sure where to get started, or just need a replacement, this is the right place to start!

Replacing your Service Software

If you would like to download or replace ActiveSpeed, ActivePrivacy, ActiveTime, ActiveSweep, ActiveDefender or BeAware, the following links will help you with a new free download (right click and select "Save Target As..."):

Download ActiveSpeed 2.1 Revision #342

Download ActiveSpeed
Download ActivePrivacy 2.2 Revision #112

Download ActivePrivacy
Download ActiveDefender 1.0 Revision #78

Download ActiveDefender
Download ActiveSweep 1.0 Revision #43

Download ActiveSweep
Download BeAware 4.0 Revision #28

Download BeAware
Download ActiveTime 4.0 Revision #26

Download ActiveTime

The latest versions have been posted on February 24, 2004.

To view the file sizes and latest versions, see this page.

Most people are able to download from these locations right away. If you have trouble downloading from this server, you're probably accessing the net during peak time -- you will probably have better luck in the early morning or later in the evening. We suggest trying several times over the next few days, and if you still don't successfully get the install package, let us know, and we will email you a copy.

Replacing RAMrocket, webROCKET, winROCKET, and BeAware 3.1:

If you are having trouble downloading from your Download center or need replacements for webROCKET, winROCKET, RAMrocket, or BeAware 3.1, please email Ascentive's support team with your Order Reference Number(s) (found on your receipt). You may be eligible for free replacements by download.

If you do not have your order reference number, please send us your name, the email address used to place the order, the last eight (8) digits of the card number used, the name on the card, and your full address (where the credit card statements are mailed).

We will need this information to locate your order and to verify your identity.

Once we know who you are and what you have ordered, we can set you up with our alternate download instructions. We can even send you the install packages via email attachment. Just let us know!
Registration Info?

Your Registration Information (username, password, or serial numbers) can be found at your Download Center.

To reach your download center, just enter your Order Reference Number and Download Code in the spaces below:

Order Reference number:

Download Code:

You can find your order reference number and download code on your original sales receipt. Please contact us if you cannot find these numbers so we can get you working as fast as possible.

Enter a word or phrase to search for within our site:

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