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  webROCKET (Internet Optimizer)

Tired of waiting forever for web pages to load? You deserve a faster Internet connection! webROCKET doubles your Internet speed with no risk, guaranteed.

Download today and get ready for a far more satisfying Internet experience.

Compatible with all dialup modems and high-speed connections.

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What is webROCKET?
webROCKET is a powerful, easy-to-use program for Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP which accelerates your Internet connection speed by up to 200%.

What does webROCKET do?
Without webROCKET, Windows® lacks the power to provide you with an optimal Internet connection because of changing, unstable network conditions.

webROCKET automatically turbo charges your Internet connection by boosting Internet data transport efficiency. webROCKET adapts your modem or high-speed connection to its maximum potential.

Will webROCKET work on my system?
As long as you have Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP, absolutely! Because webROCKET optimizes the way Windows® works with the Internet, you will notice an improvement with any web browser, e-mail client, file transfer, online game, or other Internet software. webROCKET speeds up everything you do on the Internet, and improves your Internet performance even if you already have a high speed connection or speed boosting software.

Will webROCKET speed up any Internet connection?
Yes. webROCKET is compatible with any home or office Internet connection that works in Windows®, including dial-up modems of any speed, and high-speed connections such as cable modems, DSL, ISDN, T-1, LAN, etc. It works with all Internet services, including AOL and local ISPs.

How do I use webROCKET?
webROCKET is extremely easy to use. The QuickOptimize™ screen allows you to select the best settings for your connection type. Most webROCKET users find that the Standard Method is best for their computers. If your Internet connection doesn't respond to this option, there are four NEW QuickOptimization settings to try in webROCKET -- for each connection type!

Can I customize the settings?
Advanced users appreciate webROCKET's Detailed Optimization mode, where each setting can be custom configured. webROCKET's online interactive help explains the settings in detail.

Is it really as simple as that?
Absolutely. When you have installed and optimized your Internet connection using webROCKET, you will only need to reoptimize if you make changes to your network (for example, switching from a dial-up modem to a high speed connection). It is recommended that you QuickOptimize periodically to maintain optimal performance. webROCKET displays a reminder for you so that you can be sure you're at maximum speed!

Any time you use the Internet, webROCKET will already be set up to optimize your connectivity. And, if you need any assistance installing or using webROCKET, we're here to help!

Download webROCKET now and upgrade to an enjoyable Internet experience using your current Internet connection!

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All Ascentive software includes lifetime technical support and a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

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Comments from webROCKET users:

"I love it. This thing flies!"
-- Jason Panick
Somerville, New Jersey, USA

"I had purchased webROCKET and found that it DID indeed speed up my internet. Pages loaded faster, pictures loaded faster and everything else just made my internet experience that much more enjoyable. But the best part was the SUPPORT i got from the company when I had to reload it. I contacted them and they gave me a password to download another copy of webROCKET. I had also lost my serial number for it and they sent me another number. This company and product
D E L I V E R S. I recommend webROCKET to everyone.
-- G. W. Noggle

"Thank you for e-mailing me your alternate download server site for downloading your webROCKET optimizer. is godly fast...really, really fast...and how did you guys do it?"
-- Tu Anh Tran

"Thank you for the quick help. WebRocket works fantastic."
-- Max, Germany

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