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BeAware with ChatWatch -- Secretly watch your computer while you're away.

What goes on when you're gone?

Protect your children
Protect yourself
Protect your company

BeAware acts as a surveillance camera, capturing screen shots on your computer automatically.

You control how often BeAware takes screen captures.
New ChatWatch feature stores an easy-to-navigate log of online chats.
Secure access to the encrypted screen shots with a password.
Quickly view screen captures as a slide show or one at a time.

BeAware of what's happening on your computer when you're not around!

Whether your computer is used for work or pleasure, you can't always be there to monitor its use. Are your files secure? Are your employees being productive? Are your kids safe? Is your spouse having an affair? With BeAware, you can be certain you have access to anything done on your computer.

How BeAware works...

BeAware monitors activity by showing you exactly what appears on the screen as frequently as you set it to do so. BeAware is available for Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP computers and requires at least 16 MB RAM. It's so simple to install and use!

What can BeAware do for you?

BeAware records everything done on your computer and on the Internet. You'll be able to see web sites visited, Internet chats, email sessions, documents created, applications used, and games played.

Sure, you know where your children are, but are they really safe?

You can restrict what your children view on the Internet using a child-safe browser, but that doesn't eliminate all the risks. Who do they talk with online? Do you know what they see? What do they do at the computer? With BeAware, you'll always know.

The Internet is a fantastic resource, but you never know what your children might find. From child molestation to online gambling, there are some very real dangers you aren't anxious to encounter.

Even the best kids are curious -- or have a friend who is. You know it's impossible for you to watch everything they do, but with BeAware, rest assured that you can step in before it's too late.

You're crazy about your partner, but lately something seems to have changed.

Is she seeing someone else? Should you confront him about those late night excuses? Will you be able to trust the answer if you ask?

You never thought you'd have to ask these questions, but you want to be certain. You need to protect yourself. Now. Discreetly assess the situation with BeAware. It's there even when you aren't.

You want your company to run with the efficiency of a disciplined, productive team.

Keep your employees productive and on schedule with BeAware. By using BeAware, you'll be able to manage distractions and reinforce focused work habits. You will always know when one person is interfering with the rest of the group's work and can address questionable work habits quickly, effectively, and personally.

Get started today!

You know that you can't be in several places at once, but BeAware can. Rely on BeAware to be there when you're not. Download BeAware now to keep an eye on your computer when you can't.

  • BeAware records screen captures on all computers running Windows.
  • BeAware saves chat screen captures for all chat programs.
  • ChatWatch also logs chats from AOL and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) free client software.

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