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ActiveTime - Free for Ascentive Elite members
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Tired of losing those eBay auctions by mere seconds? Sick of being late to meetings? Or maybe you just don't want to miss a single second of summer fun!

ActiveTime downloads and installs easily in several minutes. With one click, ActiveTime will synchronize your system clock with the atomic clock server of your choice, over the Internet. The new laser-cooled cesium fountain atomic clock is the most advanced form of timekeeping in the world, now accurate to 1 second in 20 million years!

After you synchronize your clock, the Ascentive Time Center gives you detailed statistics on your computer's clock and your syncing activity. You will also be linked in with the ActiveTime community, viewing a real-time summary on the ActiveTime community as a whole. (No personal information is transmitted.)

ActiveTime keeps you on time with its hassle-free, friendly interface. It's easy to be on time, all the time. Download ActiveTime today and you'll be ready in 3 minutes.

New! ActiveTime Premium Edition with Personal Timekeeper. Enjoy the benefits of your own Personal Timekeeper. Click for details or for a special offer to buy online.

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(with your own Personal Timekeeper!)

ActiveTime and ActiveTime Premium Edition require Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP.
Both programs include uninstaller.


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