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With just a few easy clicks, let ActiveSpeed begin boosting your Internet connection today! ActiveSpeed's easy-to-use features are patent-pending and not available in any other speed boosting product. Only ActiveSpeed learns as you surf, continually optimizing your connection. The more you use ActiveSpeed, the faster it gets! See for yourself -- try it today!


Ascentive's ground breaking security software, ActiveDefender, stops hackers in their tracks. ActiveDefender protects the files on your computer against intruders. You no longer have to worry when you are on the Internet. Incredibly easy to use, ActiveDefender provides peace-of-mind for all Windows systems.


See who's violating your privacy, and kick them off your computer. Download the latest version of ActivePrivacy for privacy-safe web browsing. Protect your personal, medical, and financial information while you use the Internet. Click today for a free download.


With one click, ActiveTime will synchronize your system clock with the atomic clock server of your choice, over the Internet. It's easy to be on time, all the time. Download ActiveTime today while it's still free, and you'll be ready in 3 minutes.


Do you know how your computer is used when you're away? BeAware acts as a surveillance camera, capturing screen shots on your computer automatically.


Download today and super-charge your system's memory!

webROCKET (Internet Optimizer)

Tired of waiting forever for web pages to load? You deserve a faster Internet connection! webROCKET doubles your Internet speed with no risk, guaranteed.

Download today and get ready for a far more satisfying Internet experience.

winROCKET (Computer Optimizer)

Are you ready for a faster system? Download winROCKET now, and give your system the #1 cost-effective performance boost available today.

After only a few clicks, you'll have less waiting, and more time for the important things in life.

Ascentive SpeedPak

This money-saving bundle includes Ascentive's powerful speed software for your Internet connection and computer.

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All Ascentive software includes lifetime technical support and a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

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