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It's time to start making serious money on your web site, email list, or other source of Internet traffic.

As an Ascentive affiliate, you'll receive monthly checks for 40% of sales, one of the most generous revenue shares available on the Internet today. Because Ascentive products are fast and easy to sell on any web site, many of our affiliate sites are earning an average of $5.00 per click. That's over fifteen times the Internet average for affiliate sales.

Start earning money today, while your users benefit from an enhanced experience on your web site.

For a limited time, sign up as an Ascentive affiliate to start receiving monthly payments from Ascentive and lock in your 40% revenue share! This lock-in offer is guaranteed for today only and may be cancelled at any time.

  • Add a text or banner link from your web site to Ascentive's popular Internet and computer speed boosting software. It's that simple.

  • Generate cash quickly. webROCKET Internet Optimizer and winROCKET Computer Optimizer are fast-selling products that provide value for your users and increase their enjoyment of your web site.

  • Receive monthly payments for 40% of the revenue originating from your site.

  • Earn a 10% monthly bonus of the payments sent to any Affiliates referred from the link on your site (passive referral) or via email or word-of-mouth (active referral).

  • Access your revenue data at any time using the Affiliate Control Panel.

  • Risk nothing -- you can cancel your participation at any time by removing the link .

We've been in business with affiliates since January 1999. In response to requests from Ascentive affiliates, we've recently redesigned the monthly checks and statements that are delivered to affiliates every month.

Click to "open" your monthly check delivery and revenue statement...

Are there any costs?
No, there are no fees of any kind. We pay for processing and postage of your affiliate check as well as all customer-related expenses.

How is my payment calculated?
Every month, a check will be mailed to you for your affiliate payment. If you sign up before this special offer expires, your payment is based on 40% of all orders generated by your web site, every month.

Referral Bonus
There's more! Every month, you will also receive a bonus equal to 10% of the payments sent to Affiliates you have referred.

How much money can I expect my web site to generate using Ascentive's Affiliate program?
Many of Ascentive's Affiliates are generating thousands of dollars in monthly revenue, earning an average $5.00 for each user clicking through to Ascentive's site from their 40% revenue share. Your results may vary. Webmasters can directly influence revenue levels by placing Affiliate links prominently and on multiple pages within the site. You have complete control over where and how the link appears.

How do you track my site's revenue?
It's very easy to set up and verify. We'll provide you with a unique link URL and HTML code for your Affiliate links. Your Affiliate name is recorded on orders submitted by users coming from your site. If you have more than one web site, you are welcome to use your affiliate link on all of your sites to track the revenue you earn.

What about phone orders?
In order to increase affiliate revenue, Ascentive takes telephone orders during business hours. Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link will be provided with a "discount code" for phone orders, which is the same thing as your affiliate code. We will only accept phone orders with the "discount code" to guarantee that your affiliate account is credited for phone orders you refer!

How do I access my site's revenue statistics?
The Control Panel provides instant, real-time access to complete revenue data and revenue by month. A detailed transaction list includes order reference numbers, date/time, product name, and revenue.

How can I trust Ascentive's revenue information without compromising the privacy of my site's users?
Ascentive guarantees the privacy of your users, so we don't release any customer identifying information such as name or credit card number on your Control Panel revenue statistics. However, it is easy to verify that Ascentive is accurately tracking your site's revenue information. Each order referred by your site generates a unique "order reference number" which is emailed to the customer and is accessible via the Affiliate Control Panel. When an order is submitted, the order reference number will immediately appear in the Affiliate Control Panel, allowing you to verify that the tracking system is accurately listing all sales and crediting 40% of the sales to your account.

What is the contact information for the Affiliate Program?
Click here to contact Ascentive Revenue Partners.

If you're ready to get started...

We welcome your participation, no matter what kind of content, services, or products you currently have on your site. Please sign up soon to lock in your 40% revenue share and begin receiving monthly payments from Ascentive.

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